New technologies for the reduction and recovery of waste in perishable products for a sustainable Basque food sector.

Participants: Orloga, CEIT, Segula, ONDOAN, Eroski

Hazitek call

Reference number: ZE-2022/00041


The main objective of NOWASTE is the research of new transversal technologies for the reduction and valuation of waste within the entire supply chain of fresh and perishable products.

In this way, it allows the Basque Country to position itself as a key technology provider for the economic and environmental sustainability of the agri-food sector, increasing its levels of competitiveness and exports. The project will have key solutions to meet the new legislative requirements and maintain the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

Likewise, and thanks to the results of the project, from the point of view of the Circular Economy, the Basque Country and the international market will have distributed, private or shared infrastructures for the generation of Biomethane, either for internal industrial use or its injection into the public network. that will be built thanks to the Capital Goods and the Engineering resulting from the Project